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Trash – Rental units are provided with bear-proof containers and all trash must be placed in those containers. Trash may NOT be left outside the containers. If there is not sufficient space in the container, the trash must be disposed of by the occupant. Locations and hours for trash drop-off sites in Garrett County can be viewed here.

Traffic – Vehicle speed limits are 20 MPH. Motorbikes, motorcycles, trailbikes, ATV’s, snowmobiles or similar motorized vehicles shall not be operated at speeds in excess of 5 MPH within the subdivision. Operation of these vehicles on private property is prohibited.

Pets – Pets must be kept on a leash or under strict voice control when outside.

Parking – Parking on community common areas other than the Lake Access area is prohibited. There is limited parking by the mail house for emergency use during winter time when the road leading up the hill is impassable.

Use of Lake Access Area – Launching of boats from our Lake Access area is prohibited. The docks are separately maintained and paid for by the dock owners. Accordingly, docking of boats is limited to community dock owners or those persons authorized by a dock owner. No other boats or water craft may be docked there.  Swimming and fishing from the docks is permitted, provided no trash or debris is left behind and the rights of the dock owners are respected. Large gatherings on the docks are not appropriate and should be moved to the picnic pavilions provided for that purpose.

Winter Travel – Winter conditions in the Deep Creek Area may differ significantly from what is experienced in the Washington/Baltimore area so cars should be equipped with tires appropriate for snowy, slippery conditions. Paradise Ridge Road leading to the top of the hill is very steep and can be difficult to manage during the winter. You can monitor the top of Paradise Ridge Road here.

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